Remedial Teaching for Slow Learners

Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:04
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Remedial teaching for slow learners is a rare topic in the field of education in Sri Lanka. In Sri lankan schools there are more than three fourth students are slow learners. Most of the teachers in the school system always rush up wth the curriculum in the schoool and do not care about above mentioned students in their classrooms.

Students those are having learning disabilities can be catogorised as slow learners. They can be suffer with hearing deficits, visual deficits,speaking deficts, finger movement difficulties and slow memory disabilities. Among those slow learners students those have weeknesses with their memory are the most unlucky group because that character do not appear in externally.

to improve their abillities they need special attetnion which is not still available in sri lanka.Lack of trained teachers,lack of eduational equipments, lack of learning materials, lack of curricululm, lack of special attention through the government are the seveareroot cases for adverse effects.

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