Retaining the Skilled Human Capital of Ae Sports

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:16
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In the cut-throat gaming industry for skilled and creative talent, senior managers, along with HR professionals realize the importance of incorporating HR strategies to retain their valuable human capital. The purposes of this report are (1) to analyze the human resource strategies adopted by other small companies located in North America with discussion on the research findings in support of its impacts on employee retention, (2) to evaluate the benefits and costs of these tactics used by other companies, and (3) to provide feasible recommendations to help the HR manager of AE Sports, Tatyana Romanov, make proactive decisions regarding effective approaches to retaining key employees.

HR Initiatives that prove to be effective in North American companies include encompassing a culture that supports an engaging workplace and acknowledging the personal and work responsibilities of employees, adopting a decentralized organizational structure, and offering programs for leadership development and coaching as well as conducting performance appraisals.

Within the analyses, the report interprets research findings solely from secondary sources and examines how increases in motivation level, satisfaction, and morale of employees indirectly influences their commitment to the organization through HR initiatives.

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