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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:28
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In the past few years, the number of F.7 graduates going to study at universities in China has greatly increased. Write an article for your school's newspaper discussing the pros and cons of studying for a degree in China. End your article by giving your own opinion. Give your article a title.

Studying in China

Applications for university places on the mainland are triple this year. Have you ever thought of studying for a degree in our motherland? Does it ensure you a bright future? Regarding this issue, I will share about the pros and cons of studying on the mainland.

First, the low cost of getting a degree is an attractive factor for studying in China. On one hand, the tuition fees are much lower in mainland universities when compared to those in Hong Kong. On the other hand, the cost of living is also very low in spite of the drastic economic growth. As a result, much money is saved but you are still able to get a degree. It is really economical when you consider the tuition fees exceeding a hundred thousand in Hong Kong. You will even be shook if you have plan to study abroad in foreign countries like Britain, Australia and the USA, the tuition fees are triple or more to those in Hong Kong, not to mention the high cost of living. Isn't it attractive to study in China concerning the cost?

Apart from the low cost, the rapid economic growth in China is also an important advantage. In Hong Kong, the job opportunities, especially for youngsters, are not enough. The unemployment rate remains at a high level despite the recovery of economy. In contrast, many companies on the mainland lack skilled labour and managers. Thus, seeking jobs on the mainland becomes popular among Hong Kong people. To achieve this, students choose to study on the mainland with a view to getting advantages by building up a strong personal network there in universities. It seems that the prospects are guaranteed by China's strong economy.

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