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Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:59
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Seminar 01 - Science Technology & the Environment   Name: __Destiny Kirkwood_________        Part A -  Objectives/ Guide Questions  ____ OR Quiz __X__.  (to select place an X)         Part B  - Application Activities Rochester, Michigan[pic 1] Summary of Application                 1. Gas powered vehicles, traffic lights, street lights, building lights, cell phone, phone wires                 2. OLD PICTURE--- People all over the street     NEW PICTURE---- Not that many people on the street               OLD PICTURE--- People in horse drawn wagons   NEW PICTURE---People in gasoline powered cars               OLD PICTURE--- No traffic lights     NEW PICTURE--- Traffic lights               OLD PICTURE--- No street lights      NEW PICTURE--- Many street lights               OLD PICTURE--- People selling items from wagons in street   NEW PICTURE--- People selling                items inside stores with electricity        3. In 2110 I think a picture will show lots of illuminating lights shining very bright and flying cars.        4. Technology changes with people, people are always looking for solutions to make things easier or to curb their amusement. So as people realized that horses were slow and took a lor of cleaning up after they developed cars. Also as people realized that stores can run at night with electricity and be more comfortable with air conditioning, again they developed and adapted. Part C - Web Investigations   ---- OMIT          Picture         Summary of Contents:         How this site relates to the seminar:         Two Facts:         Two Opinions:       Part D - Summary and Final Thoughts            Summary of Seminar:   In this seminar I learned what science is, I learned that environmental science is the study of how different species interact with each other and how technology advances with people. I learned that technology has advanced immensely from 1910. I compared the picture from 1910 to a picture from today and pointed out all the differences in technology.   

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