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Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:02
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1 Executive Summary
Frogman Dive Shop will serve tourists to the Pattaya area in addition to local population. Our intention is to certify new divers and subsequently sell them equipment and offer ongoing dive excursions. Advanced and professional level instruction will also be available.
Frogman Dive Shop expects to make a minimal profit in the 1st year of operation however, after completion of the first year we expect to have a solid customer base. As student numbers increase, instructors will be added as necessary. Future instructors and divemasters will be recruited from our students to maintain our standard of training and expectations.
Owners XXXXX XXXXXX and YYYYY YYYYYY together have extensive experience in recreational diving, nautical skills, marketing and education. We understand the needs and wants of current and future divers, realize that flexibility is necessary in instruction and new adventures in dives can be had while maintaining safety.
With all of the current dive shops in operation, we believe there is still a demand for more competition. We intend to provide superior service to our customers in addition to top-notch instruction; this will ensure a long term customer base which is essential success. Industry experience, marketing background, well trained loyal employees set in Pattaya, an ideal dive destination, is a well balanced mix for a successful dive shop.

2 Situation Analysis
Pattaya has many dive shops; most are small operators doing little business. The main competition here is Mermaid's Dive Center; this is the largest in the area doing the most business. They have a large following of customers and this should continue into the foreseeable future. They have been in business in Pattaya since 1990 and are the first shop in the area to be rated as a PADI Career Development Center (CDC). Mermaid's tends to push the students through and not offer the personal attention some students require. This lack of attention also shows with their retail customers and pax on the dive trips. Diver's are typically loyal to their dive shop and this lack of attention potentially will drive away some of their customers.
Aquanauts is another major competitor in the area. This shop has been in business since 1996 and is also rated as a PADI CDC providing instruction from beginner to instructor level. Aquanauts has sponsored the Pattaya Dive Festival which involved Over 500 divers from Bangkok/Pattaya area promoting the dive scene and focusing on environment awareness of coral reefs. This is the most expensive dive shop for all products, instruction, equipment purchase and dive trips.
Seaduction currently is a top competitor however their future is bleak. In addition to dive trips they offer deep-sea fishing and spear fishing excursions. The management team of Seaduction has fallen apart with one partner losing interest and the remaining partner lacks concern for the business success. Whether Seaduction remains to be future competition is dependent upon who buys the business and their plan for the future.
Adventure Divers is a small but solid business operating in Pattaya for 12 years. They have the nicest and most well equipped dive boat in the area attracting customers to dive with them. The family atmosphere and "friend for life" attitude keeps the customer's loyal and returning year after year. Continued future success is expected.

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