Seagram Market

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:03
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The market's which Seagram was operating were maturing and the profits weregoing down because of that maturity, or because of reasons such as governmentinterventions to some markets. (such as increasing tax rates) The performance of thecompany was far from the expectations. The necessity for the change was obviousand as a result, Seagram began a major reengineering effort. The first goal wasbeing the best managed company in the market. But the goal was not only tomanage company's business processes more effectively; it was also reducing costsand identifying the future opportunities. But at that point, the recent "culture" of thecompany was a barrier for the reengineering process and the culture of the companyhad to be changed in order to complete the change process successfully. Seagramwould have to unlearn it's old culture which was based on risk aversion, hierarchyand limited communication. And company had to hgthfdhzdfdh

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