Section A: Multiple-Choice Questions

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:10
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1. Which is an important reason for understanding organizational behavior?
1) Most people are educated in organizations.
2) Organizations regulate many of our activities.
3) Most adults spend the better part of their lives working in organizations.
4) Organizational behavior offers specific perspectives on the human side of management.
5) All of the above are important reasons for understanding organizational behavior.
2. A manager who groups jobs into units and establishes patterns of authority is performing which
function of management?
1) Planning
2) Organizing
3) Controlling
4) Supervising
5) Leading
3. Which perspective of management would most likely refute the notion that one style of leadership
would enhance employee satisfaction and job performance under any condition?
1) Situational perspective
2) Classical perspective
3) Behavioral perspective
4) Interactional perspective
5) Universal perspective
4. Some outcomes can be studied at the individual, group and organization levels. Which of the
following is generally assessed at both the individual and organizational levels?
1) Absenteeism
2) Financial performance
3) Survival
4) Norms
5) Cohesiveness
5. The equation P = M + A + E states that performance is a function of
1) motivation, activity, and equity.
2) management, assets, and equity.
3) motivation, ability, and environment.
4) motion, activity, and equilibrium.
5) mastery, acquisition, and expertise.
6. John has satisfied his basic needs and has many friends. He is now trying to learn new skills and
advance his career. According to Alderfer, John's activities are explained by which component of

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