Service Audit Report - Hilton Hotel

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:57
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Product Elements
Hilton Saint John's service product consists of two components, the core product and supplementary services. Hilton Saint John's core product is overnight rental of a bedroom with 197 rooms. Surrounding the core products is a variety of supplementary services that the range from reservations to meals and in-room service elements. Hilton Saint John is providing the deluxe amenities for leisure travelers and special amenities for business. For example, an executive room for leisure travelers are a 390 square feet room with city or harbour views and complimentary breakfast. The large desk and ergonomic chair provide a comfortable work place. The complimentary wireless internet is free. The rooms also have the 27-inch TVs and marble bathrooms. In addition, guests can choose king bed, double bed, queen bed as their favourite (Executive Rooms, 2011). For the business guests, the Hilton Saint John is the only 4-1/2 star hotel overlooking the historic harbour front and connected to the Saint John Trade and Convention Centre. Here are over 27,000 square feet of function space in 16 meeting rooms with full services. The largest meeting room is 17,286 square feet. Banquet space can accommodate 1450 people. (Hotel Groups $ Meetings, 2011).
There are many amenities in the Hilton Saint John, such as laundry, onsite dining, golf, tennis, onsite swimming pool, and fitness center. Hilton hotel is pet friendly. It invites guests to bring their pets with them, and also has drive-up units for the pets' convenience. In the area of room facilities, Hilton offers high speed internet access, hair dryer, coffee maker, and cable TV. It also provides wheelchair accessibility. Hilton also offers cleaning and maid service (Key to Amenities, 2011).

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