Sexual Reproduction Advantages

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:19
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Organisms that use sexual reproduction have an advantage over those that reproduce without genetic exchange. The wide range of off possible offspring offer more abilities and strategies for survival in the ever changing environment. Errors that can occur when copying the parent's genes are reduced to one or two offspring as opposed to all of the offspring. Genes can spread faster form one part of a population to another and introduce positive mutations.
The results obtained from the Wisconsin fast plant experiment were significantly different from the results that Gregor Mendel obtained. The hypothesis was that the Wisconsin fast plant would exhibit a Mendelian like ratio between the dominant phenotypes and genotypes. The number of F2 plants expressing the mutant phenotype of green stem with green leaves was three times the number of F2 plants expressing the homozygous dominant phenotype of purple stem with green leaves. The results for the F2 plants expressing purple stem with yellow-green leaves and green stem with yellow-green leaves matched the hypothesized and expected Mendelian ratios.
The Chi square test showed that the observed ratios did not fit the statistical ratios because the deviation of the observed numbers was extremely greater than the expected numbers. To accept the deviation in the test with three degrees of freedom, the Chi square number needed to be smaller than 7.815 to have a less than five percent chance of occurrence. Our results were greater than five percent with a Chi square number of 113.96.

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