Short Question Answers for Chem 2211

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:28
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Standing in front of the class sweating and nervous, this is what basically happens to most people when they have to present in front of a crowd. With this going on you can forget what you want to say, be embarrassed, laughed at, and faint. One of those that were just listed is my biggest fear; forget what to say or not having enough to say. I have been giving presentations and talking to my fellow peers since grade school, from talking about my favorite presidents to my volcano in the science fair. Every time I step up to speak something comes into my head and I begin to panic, my thoughts start racing with ideas as in " I don't have enough to talk about" or " I think I have to much and need to cut it short". But with this fear comes a skill or should I say strength I have regarding public speaking, being able to calm myself down. During the presentation many thoughts usually race into my head and I tend to lose my concentration but I just take in a deep breath count to ten and it is smooth sailing from there.

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