Should Cars Be More Efficient

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:30
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There has been much heated debate about when the first car came out. Some say by a French engineer named Nicholas Joseph Cugnut with his steam powered military tractor in 1769 (242 years ago) and others say it was Carl Friedrich Benzs who gave us the first automobile that ran on gasoline in 1885 (126 years ago) but I can tell you the first electric car was by Anderson of Scotland in 1832 - 1839 (179 years ago) (Discovery Channel, 2010). Cars have been around for a very long time. Who would've ever thought that cars would be life necessity? Who would've ever thought that anyone and everyone would be driving a car? Cars are a way of life in today's society we no longer use horses or even walk to our next destination. With the growing population, having to meet life's demands and leisure we have growing emissions pollution problems and high costing oil and gas prices. Over the years scientists have been concerned over the global warming on the earth. There are many things that cause global warming but one of the primary causes is cars and trucks on the road every day and all day and never ceases. It has been over a century gasoline powered cars have made it easy for us to get around but it's time for a change with the growing need of supply and demand, we need to start finding other resources to power our vehicles, therefore, is natural gas powered cars better than hybrid cars? By driving more efficient vehicles, oil imports can be cut, money can be saved, jobs can be created, and it will help with global warming. With gas prices on the rise up, wouldn't you want to save money just by using more efficient cars, such as, the hybrid or the electric automobiles?

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