Should Tiger Woods Be Reinstated

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:37
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Should Tiger Woods Be Reinstated

Many may question, after hearing about the Tiger Woods scandal, if the companies that dropped him from Accenture, Gatorade, AT&T, and Gillette that was mentioned in should reinstate him. (Goldsmith, 2009) I think that he should not be reinstated because his behavior was unprofessional, and it displays a bad image for the companies that put money behind him. Tiger Woods should have realized that he was an extremely important figure for the companies that he was representing. I think the companies that dropped him took the appropriate action when they handled the issue in this way. The reasons I think he should not be reinstated include not following the terms of the contracts, not presenting a positive image to represent the companies, and his inability to act as a good role model.
The companies selected Tiger Woods to represent them because they thought he was the perfect candidate. Whenever Tiger Woods agreed to advertise for these companies, I am pretty sure that there were legal documents signed, stating that he is an extension of the company and agreeing that he would display a good image for the company. However, Tiger Woods did not follow the terms and agreements that the companies had set for him. The companies put way too much money behind Tiger Woods, and his unprofessional actions were not what the companies were expecting. For example, when Accenture dismissed Tiger Woods, a representative stated, "The golfer is no longer the right representative considering the current circumstance he is facing." (Fowler, 2009) From that statement, it is apparent that the company does not want an individual with bad values and ethics to represent their company. When a company decides who they are going to let advertise for their company, they must ensure they have the right person because advertising is very important in the business environment. These companies originally hired Tiger Woods to provide a certain respectability, which is a part of the contract that he can no longer fulfill.
Another reason I think Tiger Woods should not be reinstated is because he does not reflect a positive image to represent any company. If the company continues to sponsor him, its going to look like the company wants him to partake in that type of behavior. Tiger Woods would be a big misrepresentation for any company especially under the circumstances he is facing at the moment. There will be many people that will steer away from the company just for the simple fact that he is the spokesperson. Many will not buy a product or service because they do not want to contribute to the millions of dollars Tiger Woods gets from advertising products for a company.
Finally, I feel that Tiger Woods does not provide a positive role model for children and other athletes. Tiger Woods lost a lot of trust from people around the

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