Should We All Be Vegetarians

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:34
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"Should we all be vegetarians?"
Understanding the Text.
2. I believe the main reasons for becoming a vegetarians according to this would be, vegetarians can be just healthy as meat eaters and being a vegetarian is more environmentally conscious. I believe this shows that more people are looking at food as an enemy these days. They are looking for something to take the fall for their health and the state of the world climate.
3. Some of the challenges include calories. It is harder to get a mass amount of calories from vegetables while eating smaller portions. Another is the correct amount of vitamins. It is easy to overdo it on some essential vitamins while not getting enough of others. A big challenge for some people would be taste. There are a lot of people out there that like the taste of meat and eat it multiple times a day, so changing their eating habits that much would be very hard.
4. One reason for eating meat was the calorie debate. An athlete can eat meat and gain those vital calories required by their body during workouts or competitions. Another was calcium deficiency. Meat gives us calcium that is used for bone strength and development. Without calcium, our bones would break too easily. I agree with these reasons, but I also think that if someone wants to eat nothing but vegetables, they can. If they pay attention to what they eat and what that food provides, they can lead a healthy lifestyle. I do not believe their meals would be as tasty, but they could do it.

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