Single Is Better

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:01
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Single is Better
Society may be well on its way to moving away from the old form of marriage. Single life is becoming more and more prominent, as Keith O'Brien states in his article, "...after years of believing that single people must want to be married, Americans should now consider the possibility that this simply isn't true, Morgan says. 'The single life, once a way station, is becoming a movement.'" If the single life is becoming more accepted, one must also consider that there are reasons for this shift. There are many benefits in marriage, however, being single makes life much easier. Women may not have to make the choice between children and a career, there are unnecessary relationship issues, and peoples idea of traditional marriages is not as traditional as people believe.
The age of women in the workforce has come in. More women now work in jobs that 100 years ago would have been considered "men's" jobs. As a society, America is moving away from their idea of a "traditional" marriage. The general idea of a traditional marriage is in which a woman stays at home and rears the kids, while the husband makes the money and provides for the family.
"During the 1950s, millions of Americans came to accept an image of the family as a middle-class institution consisting of a wise father who worked outside the home; a mother whose major responsibility was to take care of her husband, children, and home; and children who were well behaved and obedient."
More people no longer believe that a woman's place is only in the home. Over the years, women being educated and having careers is becoming more widely accepted. However, within relationships, some women find that having both a full-time career and children is difficult. In a survey of 138 female students at Yale, many of them stated that they want to work for ten years then quit and have children. Some stated that they would like to go back once their kids are in school. None of them chose to be nursing babies while also trying to have a full-time job. In addition to the difficulty of attempting to juggle children and a career, quitting their jobs at that ten year mark may be very hard for most of them. People get accustomed to living in a certain lifestyle. Without that source of income, unless their husbands are very rich, they will either have to cut back, or not have children (Story).

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