Social Performance

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:56
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Social Performance
Strayer University
Dr.Dotty Heady

I am the new CEO of Airline Plus. Our goal is to meet the public's travel needs with high end quality, amazing service, affordable prices, and top-notch safety. Our airline schedules around the world flights, so everyone is sure to arrive at their desired destinations. We are currently a medium sized corporation, but plan to grow much bigger in the near future. Our stakeholders, both primary and secondary, are our key to success. We encourage and respect all opinions from both groups.
Our primary stakeholder groups consist of our investors (shareholders), lenders, employees, and suppliers. These groups have direct interest in our corporation, and depend on our company's financial well being. Our secondary stakeholder groups include the community around us, our customers and the entire public of the nation. Because we are an airline that participates in worldwide flights we effect the entire population, not only the local community. Our customers do not directly depend on our financial well being, but they keep our business alive and operating, without them we would have no profit. This is why I, as the new CEO, find it very important to take all stakeholder's opinions, suggestions, and thoughts into consideration. If we all stick together Airline Plus will continue to grow, and have more to offer for everyone!
As I was reviewing the company and its culture, I noticed that we are above expectations in almost all categories. There is always room for improvement though, and there is one specific category that I want to focus on improving, because I feel it is our responsibility as a company to go above and beyond. The category I want to make improvements in is Social Performance. In the recent past this category was not considered a vital part of a corporation. Today, that has changed, and along with our stakeholder's help I would like to get our corporation excelling in this category. I would love to see improved service skills, improved quality of business practices, and projects that emphasize social responsibility. Improvement in this category will benefit everyone, because it will help insure that we are doing everything possible for maximum profit. Also, if we do so immediately it will put us ahead of the competitors, since most business' are still falling behind in this category.

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