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Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:27
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Social Psychology Network
In the world of psychology, there many different methods used for research. Each of these methods have their own way of being beneficial depending on the what is being studied, what the researchers are researching, and how it may be presented. (Branscombe and Baron, 2017) explained that some of the common research methods are systematic observation, survey method, correlation method, and the experimental method. Systematic observation is described as people watching, survey method is asking participants questions usually about attitudes, and correlation method is used to find out if two variables are correlated. These methods are usually when the researcher is not seen or can’t influence those who participate. The type of research used in the study used the survey method. The researcher’s design asked a question about how people identify sexual orientation. Participants were to respond to a single, free-response question concerning how they form ideas about someone's sexual orientation. In Social psychology, surveys are described to be used to measure attitudes towards certain issues like abortion, marijuana usage, to find out how voters may feel, how people may feel about different groups, or in this study sexual orientation.
Advantages and disadvantages using an Internet site as a means of collecting data in psychological research
The internet can have a positive impact on collecting data in psychological research. ("Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges", 2002) explained that it changes the data collection’s cost and makes the interest of the psychological phenomena noticeable that did not occur in the traditional settings or that were challenging to study. When observing the advantages of using an internet site to collect data and comparing other methods of collecting data, it makes it easier to conduct surveys, observational research, and random- assignment experiments. ("Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges", 2002) also explained that the ease comes from economy and access. It is difficult for social psychology researchers to study groups larger than three in a laboratory. Another advantage of collecting data using an internet site is it allows some type of automation and experimental control. It is difficult to find a degree of automation and experimental control without using computer. While reviewing the Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges, the main advantage of using the internet for surveys and experimental research is the marginal cost for the participants. The main disadvantage of using the internet is sample bias. Even though most of America has access to the internet that does not mean that represents everyone and the entire nation as a whole. With the anonymous life of the internet, it can drive other people to participate

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