Solubility Product of Lead Chloride

Published: 2021-06-29 07:09:08
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Title : Solubility product of Lead Chloride
Aim : to determine the solubility and the solubility product of lead chloride in pure water

Method/ material : refer to the handout

1. Copy the table below and supply the necessary experimental data with proper calculations
Mass of weighing tray + PbCl2 4.47g 4.66g
Mass of weighing tray after transfer of PbCl2 1.472g 1.66g
Mass of PbCl2 3g 3g
Mass of sintered crucible 30.45g 31.11g
Mass of sintered crucible +residue 31.07g 32g
Mass of residue 0.62g 0.89g
Mass of PbCl2 dissolved 2.38g 2.11g
Amount of PbCl2 dissolved 8.56 x (10^-3) mol 7.59 x (10^-3) mol
Concentration of PbCl2 dissolved 0.0428M 0.038M

 Mass of PbCl2 : (Mass of weighing tray+PbCl2) - (Mass of weighing tray after transfer of PbCl2)
A : 4.47g - 1.472g = 3 g
B : 4.66g - 1.66g = 3 g
 Mass of residue : (Mass of sintered crucible +residue) - (Mass of sintered crucible)
A : 31.07g - 30.45g = 0.62g
B : 32g - 31.11g = 0.89g

 Mass of PbCl2 dissolved : (Mass of PbCl2) - (Mass of residue)
A : 3g - 0.62g = 2.38 g
B : 3g - 0.89g = 2.11g

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