Sony Marketing Plan

Published: 2021-06-29 07:00:39
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1. Enhancing product technologies

With the continuous development of advanced technologies, Samsung has become a leader in the Android smart phone market. In order to compete with Samsung, Sony needs to invest more in research and development for creating attractive devices with better technologies and capabilities. Comparing between a 2012 model from Sony Xperia S and a 2011 model Samsung Galaxy S2 indicates that the screen, weight and storage expansion technologies in Samsung are better than Sony Xperia S. While only the camera and battery technologies in Xperia S are better than Galaxy S2. This shows a critical issue because Samsung's older devices are more technologically advanced than Sony's latest devices. In todays' smartphone market, developing and maintaining up-to-date technology is an important factor to success for the mobile industry (Davis & Rocchio, 2011). Increasing product technologies can be provided a persuasive motivation choosing Sony for a person who is looking for a new Android device.

2. Increasing product categories

Since Samsung and HTC release 6 to 7 phones yearly compared to 2 to 3 phones by Sony, this insufficient variety of products will seem less competitive with its direct competitors. The key success of Android mobile industry is adopting a widely penetration strategy that offers a number of choices to the customers when they are searching a new cell phone. According to a study done by PC World Magazine, Apple will not be as dominant in the phone industry and its strategy of providing one product will not be effective (2011). This also suggests that Sony will need to adapt the strategy of Samsung and HTC in order to compete with its many competitors in the phone market. Thus, in order to gain market shares from Samsung and competitors, Sony should expand its product lines that provide a wide range of phone models to potential customers.

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