Sport in Television

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:26
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Sports are embedded in everyday life of the society. These have become a social phenomenon which influence in many aspects of people life, like cultural, historical, political and technological.
Television wants the attention of the people and with the sport content can reach a big segment, in some way the sports are global.
The objective of the essay is to represent how the sport content has a big impact in television industry. There are a many reasons for the television seek to acquire broadcast rights to televise sports programming and within their markets. Sports programming can attract a strong ratings. This allows the television to create advertising packages sold in the sports programming. For companies that operate cable can mean attracting subscribers or retain existing ones, and provide an excellent vehicle for advertising sales in its market expansion.
To transmit the principle impacts and some process in the television with sport content the themes in the essay are: the mutual relationship between the sports and the television, the value of broadcasting rights, the business models of sport television and regulation issues.

Sports have a particular dimension in our times, the show dimension that is characterized by its theatricality and staging. In this way we found that we are in a play presented by different actors with many paper in different stages.
In this way the sports meets the conditions for a spectator, mean in terms of the television range of audiences, appealing, acceptance and interest. The variety of the competencies in the sports allows creating emotional bounds and get to a desired segment of the public. Thus, the television with sport content attract different sponsor that may diffuse their image in an international context if it's the sponsorship program of the Olympic Games or World Cup.
When the television act as transmitter of the portfolio of competencies and games become value added for the investors and the organizations that want to be known with publicity. The wave of new spectators increases the cost per thousand of each ad and this result in benefits for the client.
Sport content in television has a long and successful relation but this has changed in many ways. The fragmentation of audience from hundreds of channels provided to companies in the entertainment a huge bargaining power. As the number of stations is increased, the large audiences were more difficult to find but the sport content always has retained its ability to conquer them. According to the British firm specializing in consumer behavior, GROUPM in 1997 no fewer than 180 television programs in England attracted more than 15 million viewers, in 2007 only 3 that were all of sports (11).
The Olympic Games and the FIFA World Cup are a great global attraction. The first gets an audience of 4 times the population of the planet during 15 days and the second one gets 7 times the population in 30 days. This numbers are really impressive and help us to understand the importance of this type of content in the television (11).

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