Starbucks Swot Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:47
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SWOT Analysis
Starbuck's is an organization that is able to bring several strengths to the Brazilian marketplace. Starbucks mostly purchases premium green coffee, certified as Fair Trade Coffee. The Fair Trade Coffee Agreement ensures local farmers receive a guaranteed price for their harvest above the prevailing market price, thus helping to improve their economic stability. Commitment to Origins is Starbuck's strong commitment to coffee producers, their families, communities, and the natural environment to help promote a sustainable social, ecological, and economic model for the production and trade of coffee (Starbucks, 2003). This precedence setting commitment sends a strong message to the world economy that Starbucks is committed to preserving the best interest of farmers, the economy, and the environment.
According to Starbucks (2003), with nearly 900 coffeehouses in 22 markets outside North America, it is clear that Starbucks passion transcends language and culture. Expertise and experience in entering new markets is another strength that Starbucks brings to the table. Starbucks further magnifies this ongoing business practice by its dedication in supporting communities around the world where Starbucks lives and works, as well as in the origin countries where Starbucks coffees are produced.
As with any new idea, one must consider both the obvious and the subtle areas of marketing vulnerability. One of the most obvious weaknesses for Starbucks market in Brazil would be that they do not exist. It is the South and Central American countries that provide Starbucks with coffee beans along with all the other specialty coffee companies in the United States. It is understandable that these countries are probably not the most likely for coffee companies, of other countries, to invest in their markets. The fact that there is no research from the Specialty Coffee Association of America, or other coffee companies doing business in Brazil can make it very expensive for Starbucks. A tactic to overcome this is to develop roasting and distribution processes in Brazil to avoid importing and exporting associated costs, thereby reducing costs while continuing the product offering of neighboring countries.

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