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Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:58
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Once upon a time there was a teacher who didn't like her students so she failed all of them! So they decided they were going to sue her because that wasn't a good reason for them to fail a class. So they sued her for $1 billion. They won the case because they deserve a better grade than a Fail because they have done all of there work and because she doesn't like them doesn't mean she could just fail them just because she can. So she ended up getting fired and getting replaced with a new teacher. So when the new teacher came she was the complete opposite she gave all of her students A's because she didn't want to deal with the grading but the students had no problem with that because they wanted to pass their classes especially with an A because that looks good. So they all ended up getting A's on their report cards! The End. This is a bull shit essay ! :D How many words do i have?! i think i have more than 250 words because this is very long well at least i am taking up words by writing this out. so yeah i don't like how there's requirements for essays that is just not smart what if the requirement for an essay you wanted to upload is a maximum of 200 words you won't be able to upload it because then you would have to write 50 more additional words! This is a very stupid place but i just did this because it was part of the registration process. thank you! come again.

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