Strategic Analysis of Danik Bhaskar Group

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:30
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Strategic analysis of Danik Bhaskar Group (DBG)By Xiang Li1. SWOT analysis:  Strengths: Strong market position and national brand recognition: DBG publishes newspapers in four languages in 65 editions across 13 states of India. With its unrelenting focus on tierⅡmarkets, the group has acquired dominant No.1 position in those markets and No.2 position in readership (Urban + Rural) across India. It is the only group that is No.1 in multiple markets and has publications in multiple languages in India.High editorial quality: DBG believes in unbiased, credible and courageous journalism. They are committed foremost to their readers.Innovation: it constantly surprises readers with innovations such as first fragrance (Glulal) newspaper on the festival of Holi and the first 3D newspaper.Hyper-local model (localization): DBG has a large number of editions and sub-editions, which connect people with what is happening in their neighbour.Brand building activity: DBG engaged themselves in city development campaigns and corporate social responsibilities, such as “save water”, “livable cities” and “dry Holi.”Strong distribution channel: DBG capitalizes distributors, vendors and hawkers to ensure timely delivery of the paper.Weaknesses:Relatively low advertising revenues: As advertisers prefer to play safe and advertise in established newspapers, DBG’s marketing blitzkrieg makes advertisers suspicious about the group’s readership. Also, advertising expenditures are skewed toward metros while DBG is focused on non-metro tierⅡcities.Strategy of unrelenting focus on TierⅡ cites: While DBG is boasted for its dominance in tier Ⅱ tier Ⅲ cities, it still lacks a significant presence in metros, which pose more influence on newspaper’s popularity and reputation.

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