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Published: 2021-06-29 07:08:19
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In society many people have to deal with different stresses of day- to- day life. Many of those people do not know there are avenues available to help them cope with the stresses. The United family service is a place a person can go to get professional help on a sliding scale cost. United Family Services' mission is to provide hope and solutions for people in crisis. When a person has nowhere to turn united family services provides help.
Their service area is charlotte and surrounding areas. The counseling is open to most adults but there is about a two for three month wait before seen unless it is an emergency and harm may happen. If the thought of immediate harm will happen there are immediate services provided.
The population served is people who need counseling in different areas. The counseling geared toward women involved in domestic violence. With this a woman can receive counseling to remove themselves from the abuse and have shelter for herself and her children. It is not limited to just women. There are programs for men and teens to receive the help they need.
Other services that are available are: clinical services, which are marital or family counseling, anger management support groups, parenting classes, crisis intervention such as 24- hour sexual assault hot line, child abuse intervention grief counseling following a homicide, support groups for teens and also post -traumatic stress debriefing for groups affected by violence.

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