Structural Organization

Published: 2021-06-29 06:55:41
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The purpose of this paper is to address three main problems in a particular organization. One being outdated product lines, poor communication, and the ever present problems with competition. This paper will discuss which one(s) this writer believes would be best suited for a certain organization, and why. There will suggestions given as to what needed to be done to better manage the transition from the old ways to the new ideas for organizational structure. Lastly this paper will assess the external environment and will explain how to integrate this into an effective turnaround plan.

It doesn't take much to be a manager, especially if someone is programmed into doing what they set out to do, however it takes an exceptional manager to be able to go into a business into which they have little to no experience in that particular area of work and confidently and effectively re-vamp and plan a good and solid plan of action to turn the business successful. A person who managed a retail store wisely and effectively is just as capable as changing their area of expertise around and managing a small real estate company. Regardless of any managers particular field of expertise change is what is needed to maintain an exceptional turnaround in any failing division of a company.
As a person with much experience in the managerial world, I know the organizational structure plan is the same regardless of what is being managed. Organizational structure is a company's framework if you will, which essentially is what jobs are divided, grouped and coordinated into. When a manager has his hands in the development of an organizations structure, they are what basically design the change in the organization (AIU Online, 2012).

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