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Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:55
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In order to success at life, and to achieve our goals, personal responsibility is something we need in order to accomplish this. The definition of personal responsibility in a dictionary is 'a person accepting the moral, legal, or mental consequences of his own actions. In my own words personal responsibility means one self's actions and accepting the consequences. Everyone has his/her own version of what personal responsibility means to oneself.Even if there are different versions of the definition, there are still key components that I believe make personal responsibility, which includes self-knowledge, personal quality, and attitude. Self-knowledge also means acquiring the ability and taking the initiative to act when a situation arrives. Personal quality is also an important component in personal responsibility. Quality is the main focus to develop skills and study habits which help oneself be stronger. I believe attitude plays a crucial role in personal responsibility because attitude can give off impressions, become a way of thinking, and even become a deciding factor during difficult decisions. People need to maintain and realize their own attitude to make sure it does not affect how they think and act. In other words, self-responsibility incorporates self-knowledge, personal quality, and attitude. Most people in society do not know or show personal responsibility. Having communication with others will help with personal responsibility. In society personal responsibility is just one of the many traits that will help you further be a more honorable person. Without motivation on personal responsibility people will not be able to accomplish assignments or goals. Personal responsibility can help you accomplish life goals. Another key to responsibility is time management because oneself has to make a schedule that includes schoolwork and his personal life. Having this character trait will help oneself in the future in raising a child, a career, improve oneself morals, interact with people, etc. Oneself feels encouraged from past successes to meet any difficult challenges. These attributes are desirable to remain happy and make all others happy. It is also important to start and finish goals (ambitions). A person, who acts with responsibility, works hard to meet challenges at the professional level. These people avoid putting blame on others and do not like to pass the buck onto someone else. A person who takes personal accountability acts in a responsible manner, if he is honest and a man/woman of integrity. Such people feel that solutions to the problems have to be sought by them, and nobody else will help to sort the problem without their full involvement. They do not like to burden others. In order to be successful at all these things it takes a great deal of responsibility.

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