Supply Chain Management

Published: 2021-06-29 06:57:07
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Executive Summary:

Supply chain management forms an integral part of any company in order to increase the competitive advantage and to provide better service to customers; a company must put emphasis to the supply chain management. The purpose of the report is to highlight the various factors that are required to achieve a strategic supply chain management. The problems of the Mazoon Electricity Company in their supply chain management have been highlight with recommendation to make their supply chain better by linking with various theoretical concepts which is discussed in the theoretical review of the report. The report aims to highlight the various important theories relating to outsourcing, E-commerce in supply functions, cost effectiveness, relationship with other departments the organization and links them with the problems of the organization.
Table of Contents

Executive Summary 2
Introduction 4
Organizational background 4
Theoretical review 5
Problems in supply chain management of Mazoon Electricity Company 10
Analysis 11
Recommendation 12
Conclusion 15
Bibliography 16


Operations management forms an important part of every organization. Operations management can be defined as the process that involves design, execution and control of operations by converting various resources into the desired goods and services which matches with the objectives and the mission of the organization (Galloway, 1996). Globalization has led to increased global competitiveness due to changes in the preferences of the customers, free trade, local market saturation and many more. The effects of competitiveness and its impact on the supply chain management on the operations of an organization will be discussed in this report.
The purpose of the report is to review the supply chain management of an organization which is an important part of operations management along with theoretical concepts, analysis and recommendation. The report aims to analyze the theoretical concepts relating to supply chain management from various books and journals and link them to the challenges in operations faced by the organization due to this aspect.
Organizational background:
Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC (MZEC) is a closed Omani joint stock company that is registered under the Commercial Companies Law of Oman. At present the company undertakes distribution and supply of electricity in Dakiliya, Sharqiya and South AL Batinah regions under a license that is issued by the Authority of Electricity Regulation, Oman (AER). The mission of the organization is to deliver electricity to their customers safely, reliably and economically in accordance with the licence. The Vision of the company is to be one of the leading electricity distributions and supply companies in the region by 2016. The company lays a strong focus on their customers with 18 district offices and 35 collection centres that serve the customers within 25 wilayats that are located in the three licensed areas (Mazoon Electricity Company SAOC, 2012).

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