Swot Analysis on Frick’s Quality Meats

Published: 2021-06-29 06:58:51
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SWOT AnalysisMGMT 3310SWOT Analysis     This SWOT Analysis will be conducted on Frick’s Quality Meats. Frick’s is the largest, independently-owned meat processing plant in the United States. It is currently owned and operated by the fifth generation Frick. Frick’s employs about 200 personnel ranging from production to clerical to truck drivers, and their products are available in 26 states.        Frick’s strengths consist of broad market coverage, manufacturing competencies, R&D skills, and brand-name reputation. The broad market coverage encompasses various products such as smoked bone-in and boneless ham, turkey, bologna, various types of sausages, beef brisket, corned beef, bacon, cheese, and dog bones. These products are labeled under roughly 30 companies besides the Frick’s label. Their manufacturing competencies are a result of six generations with Food Science and Processing degrees. This knowledge has allowed Frick’s to create multiple manufacturing processes that consistently ensures quality products. The plant’s design and layout prevent cross-contamination, resulting in zero product recalls during my 10 years of employment there. In 2002, two college graduates from the University of Missouri were hired to head the research and development of new-to-Frick’s products. This resulted in 52 new products brought to fruition. Frick’s is known around the Midwest as a quality product. This positive brand-name reputation allowed for Wal-Mart and Owens, also known as Bob Evans, to contact Frick’s to produce meats for them. When the company became the largest independently-owned meat plant, M.E. Frick was invited to meet the President of the United States. Although Frick’s has several strengths, there are many opportunities still available to them.

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