Tanglewood Case 1 Franklin, M.V.

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:54
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Tanglewood Case 1 Franklin, M.V.
Tanglewood was founded in 1975 by Tanner Emerson and Thurston Wood. Tanglewood is a chain of general retail stores which features items such as appliances, clothing, electronics, and home decor. Tanglewood targets middle and upper income customers. Tanglewood's has a large camping and outdoor living section in every store as a distinct strategy. The store also distinguishes itself by simple, elegant design concepts for the store and their in-house products.
The stores original name was Tannerwood in Spokane, Washington. They later renamed the store chain to Tanglewood in 1984. It initially worked as a single store and developed from 1975 to 1984. Today Tanglewoods has a total of 243 stores open in Oregon, Northern California, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, Nevada, New Mexico, Washington, Arizona, and Idaho.
Tanglewood's is now trying to consolidate its current management strategy. Before doing so we need to study Tanglewood's operations' that are currently in place.
Based on information in the case, Tanglewood's Return on Revenue (ROR) shows to be on top after Kohl. When ROR grows it means that there are fewer expenses incurred for higher net income. Tanglewood's Return on Assets (ROA) is in second place. This means it has efficiently managed its assets to revenue. Tanglewood should show concern of several competitors like Kohl's, Federated Dept and Target.
The organization structure of Tanglewood's encourages all employees at all levels to make suggestions regarding operations. Many changes have come from employee suggestions. There is now 1 store manager, 3 assistant managers, 17 department managers, approximately 24 shift leaders, approximately 170 associates and around 215 employees per store. All employees, full or part time, are considered as members of the core work force. Tanglewood's does not at length use a flexible workforce, such as temporary employees. A core workforce is important for the organizational values and culture.
Tanglewood places great values on employee involvement. Most retail stores have a traditional structure, however Tanglewood allows each department manager to put together methods for running their departments with the employees they supervise. Employees still have specific job responsibilities, but are involved in the decision process when possible.

Each shift emphasizes team fortitude. The most senior associate is a shift leader, but other members are also given the opportunity to provide suggestions. Work is distributed equally. Employees are expected to be supportive. Performance evaluations reflect the employee's interactions with other team members and initiative.

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