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Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:06
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Ratan Tata the chairman of Tata Motors, announced in India’s main auto show that the company will be introduce a new car that will be ultra-cheap to the public is called “Nano”. The price range is about $2500 and this price can be affordable by family members. Ratan Tata are targeting the middle class people from “having travel with as many as four people on a scooter” and want to improve the life of the communities by creating employability, education, health and environment. The design of the car came from when he was observed a family that was on a two wheelers scooter to the way to their destination. “The Father was driving, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby.” It makes Ratan Tata wonder if he can make a vehicle that could be safe, affordable and all weather form for such a family. The car is small; it can fit 4 people but it can fit 5 people if they squeeze. about the car, it weights at 1322 pounds, 33 horsepower, 623-cc, two-cylinder engine in the rear, gas tank holds up to 3.9 gallons where it can travel 47miles per gallon at the top speed of 65mph. The car come in with 2 package, the standards and deluxe. The Standard one doesn’t come with air bags, no radio, no ac and no passenger-side mirror and only one windshield wiper. The Deluxe will cost little bit more than standard but it will have the options you need. Tata Motors have studied and research on what the customers need and wants. By introduce this vehicle “Nano” it will help a lot of Indian people and the economy. Before everything, Tata Motors didn’t have an easy start because at the beginning of producing the cars, they had trouble of finding a location for the production site. The entire project cost $350 million to start up and needed 600 acres of land. But they eventually find it with the help of the government. The government was supportive of this project because they see the potential of what this can do for the India and the people. after finding the location for the production site, they also have another challenge is the sales. They had a successful launch but they did not meet the criteria of what they said. When they finally have sales, some of the cars had a defects minors which make Tata Motors more struggle on their business. the sales with a disappointment but they did not give up and they continue still producing Nano every day. Ratan Tata mention that in the future the price will change because material like steel prices could rise and the profit margin for each car are as low as 5 percent. The competitor is raising because other brand is looking into making lower prices of entry-level cars the people also. Ford Motor co introduce Figo at starting price at $7000, Nissan Motors Co launched Datsun Redi- GO at the price at $5000, and also an SUV from Nissan. The key is to focused on what is important and what have motivated the company to get where it is today. These cars are meant to be

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