Technology's Impacts

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:47
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In the recent years, there has been a continuous advance of technology which has led to significant changes in society, especially in the workplace. Although the development of technologies benefit people but there are also some drawbacks. This essay will look at these positive and negative impacts on workers.
Apparently, workers can profit from the improvements of technology. Workers may have more employment opportunities in a broad spectrum of industries. For instance, thanks to the emergence of a series of large industrial areas, thousands of job opportunities could be provided for people from everywhere. Moreover, the revolution of information technology can allow people to work right at home or anywhere without having to get to the office. This is of great help for disabled workers or workers from outlying areas can overcome the geographical distance.
On the other hand, technology also has several drawbacks. First of all, workers are required high-skilled. In this regard, it seems that workers need to have more diverse skills such as: organizational ability, interpersonal ability and some other fundamental capabilities. As a result, it could be hard to find good jobs if workers do not meet the skills needed. Secondly, there is an elaborate relationship between technology and job content. Manual operation requires not only skill in literacy but also experience in dexterity. This could lead to the de-skilling of job. An illustration of this is some farmers cannot grow crops when their machines are broken.
To conclude, technology can benefit workers by creating jobs and letting employees to work anywhere outside their companies. However, these advances also raise the skill requirements and de-skill workers. Despite these drawbacks, technology creates marvelous changes to society and it is truly necessary for the workplace.

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