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Tesco also operates in 12 countries outside the UK, including China, Japan and Turkey. The
company has recently opened stores in the United States. This international expansion is part
of Tesco's strategy to diversify and grow the business.
In its non-UK operations Tesco builds on the strengths it has developed as market leader
in the UK supermarket sector. However, it also caters for local needs. In Thailand, for
example, customers are used to shopping in 'wet markets' where the produce is not
packaged. Tesco uses this approach in its Bangkok store rather than offering pre-packaged
goods as it would in UK stores.
Tesco needs people across a wide range of both store-based and non-store jobs:
* In stores, it needs checkout staff, stock handlers, supervisors as well as many specialists,
such as pharmacists and bakers.
* Its distribution depots require people skilled in stock management and logistics.
* Head office provides the infrastructure to run Tesco efficiently. Roles here include

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