Test Script for Uat Testing

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:36
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1 UAT Functionality Testing
System test cases provide a grouping of similar discrete tests and their expected results. They are used to test the many different functional requirements and business rules identified during the design phase for the Screen or Process being tested. The test case should not be concerned with testing every specific field level validation and basic screen element tests; for example, testing if the title of the window is correct. The developer's unit test scripts should have caught all of these types of discrepancies and errors. If a tester does find something that slipped through unit testing, then they should mark the test case as FAIL and place the reason why in the comment field. Unique field level validation that has a significant impact on functionality can be written up as a test case to capture the importance of the functionality. Specific functionality that is required upon an event like selecting a button or a value in a drop down list should be recorded as a single test case. The fields of the test scenario template are described below:

Test Group: A logical test group code to quickly identify the test cases.
Author: The initials or the full name of the person who wrote the test script.
Prerequisite: Any prerequisite setup or application navigation that should have taken place before the test scenario can be executed correctly.

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