Thai Airline Industry

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:32
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The report focuses on airline industry which is a huge industry around the world. Huge competition exists in this industry among the airlines. These airlines in order to capture the market, implement different strategies to attract passengers around the world to travel. Each airline differs from each other in several aspects. Under the airline industry every airline has its own network and services. There are low cost airlines which give a competitive advantage and the services offered in different airlines. Simple fact for customers to understand is that, the more they pay, the better the service received. This discussion is completely focused on one of the low-cost effective airline which is Tiger Airways. This airline opened its wing in 2004 under the joint venture between Singapore airlines and Ryan air (Irelandia Investment limited) which was an advantage to the airline.
Firstly the general information of Tiger Airways is discussed which focuses on company's analysis. They followed the strategic joint venture along with the partnership to increase their services. High investment on IT and services were set up in order to give beneficial for frequent travellers to choose Tiger Airways. Furthermore, the structural analysis of airline industry is discussed which mainly focussed on Porter's five forces. The company can overcome the threats and weakness by having a competitive advantage in the market. The theoretical background of Porter's five forces are analysed to cover the important development of Tiger's business strategy. Therefore Focussing on 4p's, Product, Price, Place, and Promotion will be very boosting to create a market for a product.

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