That Was Then This Is Now

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:26
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That Was Then, This is Now
The book "That was Then This Is Now is a book about two best friends
practically brothers growing up and facing different and decisions in life. Bryon
And Mark is the best of friends and have all the fun in the world. They grow up together been threw hard time and have managed to live a normal teenage life they both live in a house in the bad streets of New York. There moms in the hospital so they take care of the bills, food and etc. Mark and Bryon used to pool hustle at there friend Charlie's bar but a bad run in with some drunken Texans left Charlie dead and the bar condemned. So Bryon was forced to get a job and Mark was mysteriously getting cash. During the book Bryon meets Cathy one of his friends sisters. They fall in love and want to spend every moment with each other. Bryon friend and Cathy brother M&M goes missing because he hates his life with everyone bothering him because of his hair and life as a hippie. He runs away and cannot be found. After weeks of looking Mark tells Bryon he knows were he is but Bryon is to tell no one. Bryon agrees and Mark takes him to a hippie house and they talk to some drugged out flower girl on a couch she tells them to try upstairs the second room down the hall. They meet M&M in a daze and drugged up. He doesn't want to leave because he's so happy there. On one of Bryon and Cathy's dates she burst into tears and hold onto Bryon over M&M. Bryon feels so bad he takes her to the hippie house and they find M&M in a state of mind which is out of this world he talks of him self going into his stomach and finding huge spiders eating him he says they have been there for 10 years. One dazed hippie says he tried to jump out of the window but they held him back. They rush him to the hospital and he almost lost his mind in his acid trip. When Bryon gets hoe he scrounges around his room and finds a bottle of LSD and knows were Marks getting his money from dealing drugs. He flips and calls the police. Mark and Bryon talk for a little about what has happened and the police arrest Mark. The book goes on and Bryon still lives on but he has changed from them and will never be the same.

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