The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian

Published: 2021-06-29 07:02:34
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Nadely DuranDr.Jill Gold WrightEnglish 68 April 10, 2019                                                                          The Absolutely True Diary Of Part-Time Indian  Each Character in this story had their moments were they wanted to give up on their selfs. Mr. P and Junior had a very long conversating about life that brought them both in tears running down their cheeks. Although Junior had realized to make a life changing in his life after the discussion he had with Mr.P .  Junior had thrown a book in Mr.P face he gotten supended for that but his teacher Mr. P came to his house and had a conversation with him about how it wasn’t his idea to supend him and such more about his past. When Mr.P looks back after telling Junior how the whites rez should make the Indians feel. He tells Junior “ We were supposed to make you give up being Indian. Your songs and stories and language and dancing. Everything . We weren’t trying to kill Indian people. We were trying to kill Indian culture” ( Alexis 35). When Mr.P had told him, Junior had so much anger inside that he wanted his dang set encydpedias to throw at him. Mr.P  felt horrible for hurting alot Indians in the past , he wasn’t able to say sorry to everyone he hurt but he wanted to appoligized to Junior from all his wrongs.  Junior was so lost why he was appoligizing to him after he had broke his nose.  But he noticed Mr.P was confessing to Junior from all his wrong he had done when he was a young with full of ideas he had.

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