The Aliens Case

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:52
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The insignificant speckle residing in the infinite realm of the universe, was once our home. Earth as we knew it, was a vibrant and thriving ecosystem which supported our advancements as humans. But now, hope for us humans fails to exist, as Earth is now a cold, callous dystopia, overwhelmed by irrepressible technological progression, and plaguing extraterrestrial brutes. There aren't many of us humans left, an odd 200 or so remain. Suppressed within a containment centre, a relatively small expanse of conserved terrain, we are given the bare minimum of supplies to sustain human life.
We are not permitted to exceed the boundaries, marked by the immense fences which encompass our community, however beyond these gates; a bizarre and sinister existence is evident. Many of us, including myself have approached the gates to increase our understanding of the outside world. The closer we are to the boundaries, a pungent and violent smell of decay and corrosion grows stronger. Numerous decades prior to now, an extraterrestrial race executed an invasion on what we knew as Earth, and completely eradicated the natural environment. These alienated creatures possess a pre-eminence over all other beings which currently thrive, and ranked second in superiority are a race of automated robots, which essentially police the planet. On the other hand, we as humans are a mere monument of success in perspective of the aliens, memorabilia of the triumphant invasion of Earth.
The aliens, known as Qharaw disembarked on Earth close to 40 years ago, looking for a new place to occupy, as they had depleted all natural resources available on their former planet. Within these 40 years, the Qharaw modified planet Earth to meet their own demands, and during this process, absolutely annihilated the state of the environment, which took millions of years to form. Dreadful and ghastly, the Qharaw are the pinnacle of heightened technological tampering with genetics. They comprise of a core of amino acids suspended in a vat of proteins, overall contained within a mechanical suit. With insect like limbs and wings to enable flight, the Qharaw possess unmatched strength which allows them to decimate any contender with ease, whilst rendering their own selves as invincible. They thrive using a bodily procedure known atomicsynthesis, the absorption of hydrogen and helium atoms to produce energy. Humane methods such as eating and drinking are unheard of in this race.
The area beyond the gates is policed by robotic creatures, and so are the borders of our gated community. These are responsible for issuing punishments for those who break rules, and are capable of being.invincible and being able to kill anyone except the Qharaw.
Everyday a tram like robotic vehicle with these aliens as passengers, pass our gated community. They stop for a moment to gaze at our humane qualities and actions, and then move on. This morning, the tram was just about to arrive

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