The Assyrian Empire

Published: 2021-06-29 07:04:02
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The Assyrian Empire, Qin Dynasty and the Roman Empire were all imperialistic empires. They were always looking to expand their empires and find better ways to defend what they had already conquered.

The Assyrian Empire was located in Eastern Mediterranean on the upper Tigris River. This position was centralized in the middle of the empire allowing easy communication and access to defend the empire quickly no matter where the attack may come from. At the Assyrian Empires hight of power it was rules by kings who had unconditional power over the land, this instated a high level of organization. One example of this organization was the Assyrians developing an effective communication system. This allowed the kings to rule more efficiently and to be aware of what is happening in the Empire much faster. Communication could be made and returned with the space of one week any where in the Empire.

Over the years of conquering new lands the Assyrians had developed an large military with experienced leaders to guide them into battle. The Assyrians had the man power off hundreds of thousands ready to deploy although it was not just the size that gave the Assyrians the edge in battle it was how well organized and disciplined these soldiers were. On of the Assyrians greatest weapons was fear. When they triumphed over an enemy the Assyrians would destroy anything in their path from burning crops to looting and even administering server cruelty on the defeated prisoners.

Agriculture forms the basis of life in Assyria. Farming was plentiful throughout the Empire due to the flowing rivers and large rainfalls. These conditions provided the perfect grounds for life.

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