The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:29
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In Alex Haley's The autobiography of Malcolm X, he depicts the crucial truth about Malcolm X's life. Haley focuses mainly on the struggle Malcolm faced and the ways his interpretation of Islam changed throughout the years. Haley also talks about Malcolm's early years and how they shaped him in the future as a Minister for the Nation Of Islam. Faith undoubtedly had a huge impact on Malcolm X.

Malcolm X grew up in a heavily Christian family. Although his father, Reverend Earl Little was a preacher, Malcolm had no interest in Religion. Indeed, he states
"Even at a young age, I just couldn't believe in the Christian concept of Jesus as someone divine" (Haley5). At this point in his life, Malcolm clearly rejected his family's faith for he was certain that Christianity did no good to his father because of the high authority and violence he had.

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