The Benefits of Creating Vlan

Published: 2021-06-29 07:12:11
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The benefits of Creating VLAN
VLAN's enable the logical grouping and of end stations that are physically dispersed through a network. When users on a VLAN move to a new physical location but continue to perform the same job function, the end-stations of those users do not need to be reconfigured. Similarly, if users change their job function, they need not physically move: changing the VLAN membership of the end-stations to that of the new team makes the users' end-stations local to the resources of the new team. Since broadcasts frames are targeted and processed by all devices that create smaller domains to reduce overhead and limit resource utilization. Only those workstations in need of receiving specific broadcast or multicast traffic can exist on the domain, preventing other devices from receiving unnecessary traffic. The use of VLANs to create broadcast domains also eliminates the need for routers to handle this function, permitting operation at lower latencies compared to routers under heavy load. VLAN's extends beyond conventional or single LAN's to form a group of LAN's. A VLAN can be created to provide groups of users who will be transmitting data among themselves at high volume, reducing the impact on all other workstations. These user workstations do not have to be physically moved or located near one another, since the workgroup is virtual environment and created within the switching software. Of course, some shared devices such as printers or scanners require physical access, and their placement may pose a challenge if workgroup clients are located in different buildings.

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