The Challenge

Published: 2021-06-29 06:59:04
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The Challenge
Over the next two and a half decades the company added 80 staff, introduced new product lines, and extended distribution to where it now has 42 franchises. However, it became apparent that, while the original recipe was still delivering the taste that customers loved, the organisation itself wasn't capable of sustaining the growth.
CEO, Lincoln Booth, describes it as realignment; "Everyone needed to understand what the business was about and why we were the way we were. We needed to innovate and to introduce specialised functions. But we didn't want to lose the special characteristics that we valued. To do that we needed a common language. Herrmann® Whole Brain Thinking was the perfect way of bringing everyone together as one. It helped people understand why everyone did what they did."Defining the need
Cookie Time had its first experience of the HBDI® (Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument®) in late 2006 when eTime profiled members of the senior management team. Guy Pope-Mayell, one of the two brothers who started the company, had seen Whole Brain Thinking in action and learned the benefits of profiling.
Now the company faced a bigger challenge; transforming the entire business. It wasn't good enough just to introduce a new structure and explain to people what their role would be. What Cookie Time needed was a total cultural transformation. "We needed a lot of change management so people could understand where we were heading and how they could play their part.

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