The Character of Elisabeth of Austria in "the Royal Diaries Elisabeth (the Princess Bride) Austria-Hungary, 1853"

Published: 2021-06-29 07:01:43
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The character of Elisabeth of Austria in "The Royal Diaries Elisabeth (The Princess Bride) Austria-Hungary, 1853".
The main character in "The Royal Diaries Elisabeth (The Princess Bride) Austria-Hungary, 1853" written by Barry Denenberg, is a fifteen year old girl turning 16 the following year. This characters learns that becoming a princess and empress is not as easy as it looks. She marries Emperor Franz Joseph I, while meeting him about eight months earlier, at the age of 15. She feels it is difficult with all the learning, she must do, before getting married to the Emperor, learning many languages like french and italian.

Elisabeth is determined to change into a grown-up young empress and princess, proving to Aunt Sophie, that she should be married and is mature enough to take on the role.
Elisabeth, was quite young to become an empress and princess, and many people did not expect her to marry Franz Joseph I. She is a very determined and persistent, girl and did what ever it too to win Aunt Sophie's heart. In the book it says " I have tutors who are trying to teach me French and Italian even though mama well knows i have absolutely no faculty for learning a foreign language. And those aren't the only tutors I have." IF Elisabeth didn't want to learn more languages, she could of just told her mother not to hire these tutors, but instead she is committed in learning.

Throughout the book,Elisabeth is a very caring person in this novel. With all the news about being married to Franz Joseph I sinking in, she still cares for Néné (her soldeer sister who was supposed to marry Franz Joseph I) each day, even though Néné is not talking to her.

Elisabeth has grown into a fine young lady throughout the book, but she believes it was a tough job tackling only being sixteen years old and being married. When she went on her honey moon with the Emperor, she thought the expectations were so high, she nearly didn't want to become an empress anymore.

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