The Chase That Turned My Life Upside Down

Published: 2021-06-29 07:06:39
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It was a chilly winter morning in January 1998 I got up and step out on my porch and felt the cold blistering wind. I went back in and got dressed to go and help my friend escape from police custody. I went a got in a stolen 94 model Z24 Cavalier not knowing it was being watched by the city police to see who was driving it. I went along like I did any other day and headed down the road when I noticed a police car get behind me and followed me every way I went. So I decided to go towards the county out of his jurisdiction so as I was making a left turn onto hoodscreek pike I noticed another cruser headed towards me. Now there was two behind me and I was getting nervous I wasn't wanting to go to jail. They turned on there blue lights befor I turned on to St. Rt.5 so that's when it all began.
I hit the gas an made a right turn on to Rt.5 cutting off a car to get ahead of the cops. The chase was on I was reaching speeds of excess of 100mph on this curvey 2 lane road by this time I had about 10 cops after me from the city,county,and the State Police I ran this semi off the road in a blind curve. At the end of Rt.5 they had a State Trooper set up with a road block and there guns drawn ready to take me out if I tried to go pass them. As I came upon the road block I slowed down enough to turn around in someones front yard to head back the way I just came from. The police that was behind me seen me doing this and threw is car in reverse to try and block me from going on. But I wasn't ready to give up I hit him and pushed out of my way. Now I'm heading back they way I started from passing all the cops that was chasing me and came back on that semi I ran off the road just a few minutes ago and ran him off the road again. I was ahead of the police by a mile or so cause they all had to turn around so I thought I go off on a side road and lose them that way so I came up to Little Garner Rd. on the right I made that turn at 90mph and slammed into the guardrail totaling the car. It flattened both front tires and smashed in the hood and left my raditor jug in the road. But the car was still running so I drove it for another mile till I came upon a wooded area to jump out and run.
I hide up in the woods for a few minutes and the police showed up there. There was some dogs on down a little bit that heard me moving around and started barking. That led the police straight to me because I was real close to a dirt driveway to someones house and dogs. The police didn't take me down the dirt road the dragged me threw the briar patches because I put all there lifes in danger so they was pissed and wanted me to fill some kind of pain from the scratches since I didn't get hurt. Once I was down by the totaled car they hand cuffed me and off to jail I went for the next 3 and half yrs. Till I made parole on an 11yr sentence I received for all my crimes. That's how my life got turned upside down on the chilly winter morning

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