The Dropper

Published: 2021-06-29 07:03:01
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The Dropper
Have you ever been to a ride that goes stupendously high up and suddenly drops down? I have and it was absolutely awesome, as the rush of the whooping wind slapped both my hair and face. It all began in this thrilling theme park called Genting Highlands. There were a lot of rides but the most unforgettable ride for me was the Dropper. This ride was the ride where it sits a dozen people and brings them high up, almost to the sky, and drops down fast without warning. The ride down was absolutely terrifying, a stomach-flipping kind.
The excitement begins when I got in the long line of riders. While I waited for what seemed like forever, I watched the ride getting filled up with twelve nervous but excited people. The workers helped them get into their seats and tightened their belts. While I watched, I began to wonder if those belts were safe enough and what would happen if they weren't. Soon, when all the riders were all buckled up, the ride steadily brought them high, high up and paused when it reached the top. It unexpectedly dropped down really fast and I cheered with the others as it went down. The ride went up and down a few more time before it stopped. Now, it's my turn.
Since I was wearing sandals, I had to take it off so it would not fall off. Before I even got to my seat, I was both scared and excited. As I seated myself, a worker helped me tighten my belt. I looked up and butterflies grew in my stomach. Soon all of us were seated, buckled, and ready to go. We started to go up and all the people below cheered us. The ride was halfway up before I realized my belt was loose. I was petrified and started freaking out. My heart was thumping faster and faster and I thought I was going to die! But I soon forgot about it when we reached the top. The view of the park was breathtaking, and the world seemed to go on forever and not end. I could see the green mountains far beyond and all the other exciting rides in the park. Below me, I could see people as tiny as ants weaving through each other. The mist swirling around me was slightly cold. I loved the way I could put out my hand and feel like I could touch it, and then I realized again my belt was loose. My last thought was "Dear God, forgive me, I'm going to die" before the ride gave a loud WHOOSH and plunged down fast. I couldn't breath and my sight was blurred. The scene I saw was a mixture of colors like those of a little child painting for the first time. The other riders and I screamed like a thousand high pitched whistles that made my eardrum want to burst into a million pieces. My cheeks desired to peel off from my face and my butt was lifting up. What's more was my stomach was left up in the sky and my loose belt was threatening to open and be free. I tried to pull it closer to me but my arms wouldn't move, it was too busy hanging up in the air above me. My hair was all over my face

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