The Elephant and the Blind Men

Published: 2021-06-29 07:05:15
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The Elephant and The Blind Men

The Elephant and The Blind Men had a great concept. A story in which six blind men were able to create an image of an elephant just from their major senses; smelling, feeling, and hearing. Within health care, the same could be done when it comes to certain topics of interest. One area in particular that displays these types of actions are with health care insurance. Health care insurance companies are always changing their cover ages. In some situations it may change for the better, but for others its not the best change for consumers.
When it comes to health care, one can only assume that their health insurance will cover health related services. When deciding on a health insurance plans, people take a lot into consideration. Such as coverage, cost of deductible, and the amount deducted from their pay. Some information is brought to the consumer up front so they will know. Once there is a service which is performed, hidden cost begin to arise. Once you receive a bill, one will realize the everything is not what it seems. With my last health insurance plan, I thought that everything was covered during my pregnancy except my co pays. Once I lost my job, I began getting billed for my stay at the hospital due to my labor. Talk about a surprise. I was under the impression that everything would be covered, one I lost my job I was told that my procedure exceeded an allowed amount for the procedure. No one informed me of that before the services. Another place where this concept can be seen is within actual hospitals. From the outside, one would think it's a place to get healthy, seek treatment, and endure invasive procedures. Not knowing that the hospital is the main cause for many people getting sick. Hospital staff spread germs by going from patient to patient. Its easy to see how the six blind men were able to develop an initial thought of how the elephant would look. But, in all actuality they were wrong.

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