The Estate

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:09
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1 (Henry)
The Estate

The UNP Towers were made to look like the World Trade Center, but they weren't made to be destroyed again so everyone had to give security id and fingerprint checks. Secured from the ground by UNP police and in the sky UNP destroyer drones. Henry drove up to his parking device, parked put his id card in and stuck his finger into the slot. “Valid. Code 2056, Henry Stuart,” the machine said in a too robot voice.
He walked up the stone steps to the UNP tower and opened the large oak doors. As soon as he pushed the doors he heard his secretary. “Sir, the other chancellors are in the Great Hall.”
“I’m hurrying,” Henry said irritated.
“Si-” Henry cut her off with a his pointer finger pointing up, telling her to shut up.
He walked down the marble hall to the Great Hall, The meeting area where everyone tells nonsense. At least that was what it was to Henry.
The doors opened automatically when he stepped in front of them. He walked up the stairs to his right to his spot. Chair number 2056. He sat down put the earbuds in his ears and listened to what the chancellor from Swant was saying, “The Swant’s need the UNP’s help. We can not survive any more attacks from the Roilts. They have too advanced technology.”
“I’m sorry but we already have a problem in sector 25 with all the pirates there,” responded the UNP war marsha, Mark Spaniard.
“Well I guess this will change our agreements in the future.” The chancellor sat down with an annoyed look on his face.
“Well then, lets move onto our new problem, the Zikites have stayed in their territory for 24 years. Recently one of our outposts dispatched a probe to scan a Zikite ship that was in the territory. The Zikites fired on the probe destroying it and then attacked the outpost. 59 people were on the outpost, so far no survivors,” announced Henry. He calmly sat down in his seat and awaited responses.

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