The Female Fear

Published: 2021-06-29 07:11:38
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The Female Fear
In the US typical rapes conceive as a attacking a woman while they are in dark and deserted place. Some people think that when rape occurs there will be a murder or injured. The police data has show that when rapes happen one out of four victims will escape , On the other hand the Victimization survey show the opposite result that three out of four victim will get rape. Most of the women in US are afraid to go out alone at night for fear of harm and sexual harassment. Newspaper nowadays seems to report more infotainment new because it attract younger customer but they still believe that the violent and sex crime against woman sell best. As the number of newspapers and television news audiences are dwindling, by reporting about the violent and sexual violent will boost the rating for the media. The journalists make the news into a bigger one by focusing on the victim especially the name and face of the victim. The research shows that nearly all women are afraid of sexual assault at least some of the time, about the third are very afraid most of the time they were alone. This fear make some woman lock themselves in their home, the other are afraid of losing their job, divorce and getting cancer more than sexual assault. The fear from getting sexual assault comes when they learn about rape of a friend or people they know. This cause not only fear but anger of a woman to the society that refuses to take serious crime about woman. The relationship between media coverage of sexual assault and woman fear fall into a question that can media fulfill their function of informing and edifying the public. If media couldn't portray reality in to the proper context people will lose their faith in media.

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