The Full Report on Wicked

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:14
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The place that I went to was the Gershwin Theatre in New York City at 7:00 pm on May 20th.  The performance that I saw was a musical called Wicked.  The musical starred Rachel Tucker as the Witch and Kara Lindsay as Glinda.  There was also a band that played music that matched with the acting and the scenes.  It was overall a very great performance from the pit band and the actors.Although the music being played was in the background of the voices, I could still hear the sync between the actors and the band.  The band mostly slurred their notes or played them heavily, because the slurs and heavy notes tied in to make the music sound like it was real.  The music also blended in very well.  At certain points, I actually thought it was an audio recording, but it was just that the music was so well put together and organized with the acting that it seemed perfectly in tune and in sync.I liked the music and how it blended well with the acting.  I also liked how there were televisions facing the actors so that they could see the conductor’s hand motions in order to correctly time the singing and acting with the pit band’s music.  The music made my heart feel all warm and fuzzy because the music was very soothing and soft to my ears.  I don’t think there was anything that could’ve improved this performance, because the band had already been practicing this music for around 10 years as a group and everything felt perfect.  Everything I heard was spot-on, and nothing should be improved on in the band’s music.  The concert hall was relaxed, but when there was a funny moment in the musical, the audience would laugh.  In between scenes and intermissions, they clapped for the actors and pit band.   Overall, the musical was amazing.  I’ve only been to a handful of musicals in my life, and this one had an inner beauty unlike any others I’ve seen.  The music and acting blended so well together, and made my experience 5 times as great.  One song that I heard prior to this musical was “Popular.”  The only thing I can take out of this to help is to blend more smoothly together in band, but this would require a bit of practice and group effort to put together.

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