The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck

Published: 2021-06-29 06:53:23
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The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck is a story about China between the 1920’s and 1950’s when China was being torn between communism and capitalism. The story is about a poor farmer, Wang Lung, who struggles through a variety of hardships and eventually becomes rich Wang Lung is then repeatedly tried by the vices that come along with wealth, but eventually returned to the land. This book was a hit in the U.S. around 1931 because many Americans who were suffering through the depression related to Wang Lung.
China is no stranger to change Throughout the last thousand years China has gone through many leaders, dynasties, and political change. It has changed drastically from the idea of a capitalist China depicted in Wang Lung's story The Good Earth. The modern China we know today is communistic and is ruled by a central government. In recent news the U.S. has proposed to collaborate with our ally South Korea and lend them one of our ‘advanced’ weapons known as a THAAD Missile. And in the last week the U.S. has gone through with the deal and the THAAD system is being shipped overseas. This missile system is designed to protect civilian populations in the event of any airborne attack from an enemy. The proposal of lending this system to Seoul, the capital of South Korea, has caused aggressive responses from China. There is much political and social debate on whether this is a safe path to follow with South Korea. The THAAD missile system is a missile system that is mobile and sits on the back of a military truck, the system is designed to intercept incoming missiles and explode them before they reach a civilian population.President Trump has been working towards passing this deal since he has been inaugurated, working alongside South Korea to get the system in place to protect them from North Korea, which opposes the system as well as China. Some of the reasons why this has been scrutinized, this is because people are beginning to wonder how China will respond? What is the THAAD system really? Will this tear a deeper rift in the tension between China North Korea and the U.S.
According to the Washington Post China has become upset with the decision to loan the THAAD missile system to South Korea because China believes this is not simply an act of self defense or a way to get North Korea to back down, but instead it is a subliminal act of aggression from the U.S. to control China and the movements in the future. The article states that “ China's anger over THAAD has less to do with the missiles than with the sophisticated radar capabilities included in the system. These radars could be used to track China's own missile systems, potentially giving the United States a major advantage in any future conflict with China.” The article also went on to state that Beijing is concerned that the United States is hoping to use both South Korea and Japan to contain China in the future. “If South Korea insists on becoming

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