The Great Gatsby Film Analysis

Published: 2021-06-29 07:07:19
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Fitzgerald's text The Great Gatsby uses a variety of techniques to explore the idea of dreams. Set against the backdrop of the immoral and corrupt world of the Roaring Twenties one becomes aware that dreams can be dangerous if we dream about the past and not the future. The author uses characterisation, setting and symbolism to reveal how the foul dust that is wealth and fame destroyed the protagonist's attempts to recreate the past and attain his holy grail.

To explore the idea that wealth corrupts dreams Fitzgerald uses characterisation. An example of this technique being used is through the character that is Daisy Fay. This is shown through her personality and the fact that she chose to marry Tom Buchanan over Jay Gatsby. Daisy was given a choice between waiting for the love of her life Jay Gatsby to come back from the war or marry Tom Buchanan who had endless amounts of inherited wealth. Daisy's dream at the time was to marry the love of her life who was Jay Gatsby. Daisy was blinded by the idea of wealth and fame and her dream was destroyed. The use of characterisation to explore the idea that wealth corrupts dreams was also explored through the character, Myrtle Wilson. Myrtle and her husband had planned to leave The Valley of the Ashes and get away from the mess: this was their dream. After Myrtle meets Tom Buchanan was an opportunity for her to become wealthy and famous. The idea of being wealthy and famous blinded Myrtle and her dream to leave ended her chances of living a good life.

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