The Great Gatsby Study Guide

Published: 2021-06-29 06:54:28
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The Great Gatsby Study Guide.Characters:Nick: Narrator, Cousin of Daisy.Gatsby: Rich Bootlegger, In love with Tom Buchanan’s Wife, Daisy, killed by Wilson.Myrtle: Tom’s Mistress, run down by DaisyGeorge Wilson: Myrtle’s devoted husband and a grease monkey mechanic, commits suicide.Wolfsheim: Affulent crime lord and bootlegger, very wolflike personality.Mr. Henry Gatz: Gatsby’s “Dead” Father.T.J Eckleburg: a billboard that symbolizes someone is always watching you.Daisy: Tom’s Wife, very shallow, matierialistic and spoiled, Nick’s cousin.Tom: Myrtle’s boyfriend, Daisy’s husband. Jordan: Tennis Player, pathological liar and love interest.\Setting:West Egg: New MoneyEast Egg: Old MoneyNew York: Party CentralThe Valley of Ashes: Stuck in the middle.Symbols & Colors:The Valley of Ashes:  Being stuck in the middle, dead dreams.Gatsby’s death car: Hazard, warning. Myrtle’s death: Futility of Dreaming.The Green Light: Gatsby wanting Daisy.Old Money v. New Money: Old Money is like royalty and prestige and pedigree, New Money are the young bloods and new found wealth.Gatsby’s Mansion: Success, wealth, and over accomplishment or compensation.Gatsby’s Death: the Death of the American Dream.Daisy’s name: She was happy and beautiful and wealthy.Yellow: Hazard, Warning and Jealousy.White: Wealth and false purity.T.J Eckleberg’s billboard: Someone is watching you always. The broken clock: time is running out.The Facts.TomHe killed someone and he is the nephew of a KaiserNickA leech and someone who basically lives at Gatsby’s MansionA medalHe was broke.She got drunk and said she changed her mind before the wedding.Shirts.RealityGatsby’s real name.Dan Cody’s wife scammed her way into his fortune.Because she didn’t have a good time.He fires servants and stops partying.?Full of laughter and wealthShe calls Owl Eyes Revolting.To get away from her husband and I assume back to TomA nice girl with lots of boys.TomHe said is was a story of the west because the main characters: Tom, Daisy, Jordan etc are from the West.Careless People. He calls this that because he says the ruin lives and use their money to protect them.

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